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About Victoria Field

vickyf_220614_056.lores (566x800)   photo: Ranald Mackechnie    9781906742614 cover image: Victoria Hilliard

Victoria Field works as a writer and poetry therapist.

She qualified as a Certified Poetry Therapist, with the US International Federation of Biblio-Poetry Therapy, the credentialling part of the US National Association for Poetry Therapy. There is currently no equivalent training in the UK and Victoria is active in developing the field and has received both a Pioneer Award and International Fellows Award from NAPT.  She is now a provisional mentor-supervisor for trainees in the UK.

She is a graduate member of the British Psychological Society.

She is a regular tutor on the Writing in Health and Social Care programme at Ty Newydd, the National Writers Centre for Wales (www.tynewydd.org.uk ) and a Visiting Lecturer on the Metanoia Institute’s MSc in Creative Writing for Therapeutic Purposes (www.metanoia.ac.uk ).  She has also been a short-course tutor at Falmouth University and a visiting lecturer at Sussex and Bristol Universities on courses relating to therapeutic writing.

She has extensive experience of working in health and social care settings with many different client groups, including in primary care, in care homes for the elderly, on a stroke unit, with learning disabled adults and a wide variety of voluntary organisations. She has led many workshops and training courses, nationally and internationally, most recently in Kuwait.

She is a former Director of Survivors Poetry and has had two periods as Chair of Lapidus, the Association for Literary Arts in Personal Development (www.lapidus.org.uk). She currently serves as Treasurer for Lapidus. She initiated Lapidus Cornwall and delivered a three year programme of training and experimentation that is documented in Prompted to Write, the second edition of which was financed by the Cornwall and Isles of Scilly NHS trust.

She has co-edited three books on therapeutic writing, most recently Writing Routes (Jessica Kingsley, 2010, see www.jkp.com ).

Together with Sarah Salway, she leads on a new network for practitioners and potential practitioners in Kent.  The Kent Writing and Well-being Network has a Facebook page and meetings are documented here.

As a creative writer, she has published and won awards for poetry, short fiction and drama.

She has published three collections of poetry: Olga’s Dreams (2004), Many Waters (2006) and her third collection, The Lost Boys ,published by Waterloo Press in 2013, won the Poetry and Drama Category of the 2014 Holyer an Gof awards.  She also co-authored a pamphlet with Caroline Carver and Penelope Shuttle, October Guests (2007).  Some of her poems can be seen on http://www.poetrypf.co.uk/victoriafieldpage.shtml.

As a playwright, she has had two plays produced by Hall for Cornwall and is currently at work on a new play based on the life of Bishop Benson, who was responsible for the building of Truro Cathedral and subsequently became Archbishop of Canterbury.  Two rehearsed readings in Truro in February 2013 were well received and a documentary about the production is available here.  The Marlowe Studio Canterbury hosted a seminar on drama in sacred spaces, and a rehearsed reading of a new version of the play in May 2014, with Arts Council support.


  1. Hi Victoria. Great to make contact with you. I have long been convinced of the benefits of poetry as a therapeutic resource, both for the writer and for the reader, and I look forward to learning more here. As a retired English teacher and Lecturer with 30 plus years in the classroom and with a special interest in psychology and pastoral care, I was always struck by the power of language to educate, entertain and inspire. Marrying up the scientific with the literary ie putting the heart back into therapy seems a laudable aim. I believe that Poetry has the power to reach the parts that ordinary prose cannot and can create a shortcut to the senses to create the eureka moment that brings about awareness and paves the way for meaningful change. I have a special interest in CBT and more especially ACT and have recently launched a blog at actmadelyrical.com. It is regularly updated with ACT inspired poetry, commentary and other ACT goodies. I would love you to visit and if you can make use of the content please do.

    Looking forward to keeping in touch.

    Corinne Shields @actmadelyrical.com

    • Victoria Field says:

      Thanks so much for getting in touch Corinne – I will certainly check out your posts and hope our paths might cross sometime! With all good wishes Vicky

  2. Gary says:

    Victoria – could you please get back re our next Falmouth festival – very anxious to invite you, and to pick your brain.
    Hope all’s well!
    Gary Matthews

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